What I say...
     As a native of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I am well known to many for my honesty, insight, and integrity. Dedicated to the community, I have over 25 years of service in the profit and non–profit worlds, hold an MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s University, and am a past president of the Gettysburg-Adams County Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Gettysburg, Inc. 

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What others say...
  He’s a real professional. A take-charge person who knows how to agree and how to disagree. --PW
  He’s a local, and a businessman who understands how the community works. --BJS
  This is no ordinary person you’re dealing with. --CP
  He’s flexible and knows how to listen. --MW
  Kevin knows that one good deed is better than a thousand good intentions. --SP
  Your reputation in this community is that of an exceptionally competent person who makes things happen and upon whom people can depend. --RB
  For someone born in the late fifties to accomplish this much so soon is scary. His energy and commitment are evident. --CP
  Mr. Trostle has a subtle wit and effective communication style honed by decades of committee leadership that balances accomplishment of the task with respectful listening... --SLD
  He brings a special talent for working with people, has a great sense of humor, and embarks on every task with enthusiasm and determination. --WLPResume.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
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